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Responsibility of Judgement

Luke 19:11-27

– What did we do with what gave us?

– We all want to invest in areas that offer yield and value, and so does God. When God offers the gift of salvation that cannot be taken away, he expects yield, responsibility and appreciation for the gift given to us.

– Nobody owns anything (we are not owners, we are visitors), and God, during the day of judgment, will be concerned about what we did with what was given to us.

Stewardship – the responsibility to protect and expand the assets God has given us during his absence.

– Synoptic gospels – (Matthew, Mark, and Luke) – are written in the same manner and indicate similar stories, just with different elements. They are parts, and a person gets the whole story when they are put together.

Matthew 25:14 – Again, it will be like a man on a journey who called his servants and entrusted his wealth to them. To one, he gave five bags of gold, to another two bags and another one bag, each according to his ability.

– In Luke, everybody got the same thing, but in Mathew, everybody got the same thing in different amounts.

    We all have the same things but not the same amount of them.

3 things that all individuals have but in different capacities 

  1. Time – we have time but not the same amount of it.
  2. Talent – everyone has been given gifting to serve the Kingdom of God, however, not we do not have the same type of talent, and we do not have the same level of similar talent. 
  3. Resources – we are given a different scope of resources.

– We are gifted according to our ability. God gives us all the same category of things but according to what one can handle.

– During the judgment seat of Christ, God will judge Christians on what they did with the time, talent and resources given to them. How has the Kingdom benefitted from what I gave you?

Types of Christians during Judgement

  1. Those who were all in – were consistent in their commitment toward God. They were all in what they were steward to handle. Receives both recognition and glowing celebration.
  2. Those who were half in – half of their commitment was there, but part of their commitment wasn’t, which brings the recognition that even though they utilized their time, talent and resources, a part is missing. He showed half effort in what he did. There will be recognition for what he did, but there will be no celebration because of the part he did not do.
  3. Those that did nothing with what they were given – there will be no recognition for work done, and their little will be taken away.

Matthew 25:29 – For to everyone who has will more, and he will have abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has, will be taken away from him.



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